It is 3 events in 1: MediaTech Con + CTPiX + VR NOW Con & Awards
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berlin, germany
Talk to me if you are working with immersive media and are looking for a network of similar minded. Also speak to me if you are considering immersive media projects and if you are looking for partners and companies that can help you execute. VRBB (short for “Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.”), is a publicly funded association dedicated to advancing the virtual, augmented and mixed reality industries. VRBB is bringing together the diverse group of immersive technology players and their expertise in Germany’s capital region, forming a virtual conglomerate that can effectively partner with international associations in the area of 360° media, virtual-, augmented- and mixed reality. Our members are HighTech companies, established Media Companies, Research Institutes and Universities, Start-Ups, Freelancers and plain VR enthusiasts.
VRBB is a One-Stop shop for innovative and high-quality VR and AR products.